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Things To Know About Shot On Target in Football Betting
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Things To Know About Shot on Target in Football Betting.

In the world of betting nowadays, punters have an unlimited bet market offered by various bookmakers. These markets are not limited to popular leagues like the English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, Laliga, Bundesliga, etc. alone, they cut across to other minor leagues just to make your betting experience superb.

You can accumulate many interesting bet markets to build your bet, but one of the most increasingly popular bets among punters today is shot on target.

What is shot on target?

Shot on target occurs when a player successfully strikes the ball in the direction of the opposing team's goal and the shot would have gone into the net had it not been blocked or saved by the goalkeeper.

How do shots on target count in football betting? 

A shot on target is a kind of bet market that counts when a shot that is on goal and is either saved by the goalkeeper or blocked by a defender before it crosses the goal line. A player's shot on target has to be a goal attempt with a clear intention of scoring the goal.

These are some scenarios when a shot is considered as off-target:


  • When a shot hits the post is not on target unless the ball goes in and is awarded as a goal.

  • When a shot is blocked by a player who is not the last man is counter as shot off target.

Is a goal a shot on target?

Yes! Any shot that goes into the net is considered a goal on target regardless of how it's scored.

Is a penalty a shot on target?

A penalty is considered a shot on target since the player intended to score. However, if the player hits the post or the ball goes off the goal line will be taken as off target.

Is a header a shot on target?

A header will be considered on target when a shot enters into the net or is blocked by the last man in defense. Shots that hit the post or go wide are off-target. In cases where shots go off target, the player with the intention to score is awarded a goal attempt but not on target.

Is a corner a shot on target?

A corner taken will be accepted as on target if it enters the goal or is blocked by either the goalkeeper or a player in the goal line. Is it possible to score from a corner kick? We have seen a few occasions when a player scores from a corner kick. A corner kick will be counted as a shot on target if the player has a clear intention to score from that difficult spot.

Is a free kick a shot on target?

A shot on target will be awarded only when the player has an intention to score from the spot. Also, the ball must go in the net or the direction of the net.

When a ball hits the post, does it count as a shot on target?

A shot that hit the post is not counted as on target. The goal is within the post and not the post. No matter how good the intention is or how nice the shot is, it will be counted as off-target when it doesn’t hit the goal.


Is a blocked shot a shot on target?

A blocked shot will only be considered a shot on target if in the direction of the goal and blocked by the last man in defense. It is off-target if doesn’t go anywhere near the goal line or is blocked before it reaches the last man.

Is a deflected shot a shot on target?

A deflected shot will be considered on target if the deflected ball goes into the net or is saved by the goalkeeper or the last man in defense.

Does an own goal count as a shot on target?

As a general rule, any shot in the direction of the goal will be considered a shot on target regardless of who hit the ball last. Shots on target should be awarded to the player who has the original intention to score and hit the ball in the direction of the goal before deflection, but most football stats count much for the team rather than the player.

Does a shot on target count if you commit an offside offense?

Shots on target will not be counted if there is an offside offense in the goal setup. Like many other bet markets, shots on target bet only counts within 90 minutes of regular time as considered generally for betting purpose only in football betting. Shots on target in extra time are not counted in the bets.

How do bookmakers make this option available?

An array of betting options is provided by the bookmakers due to the improved technology in getting accurate football stats. Bookmakers typically rely on official match statistics to determine the results the number of shots on target by an individual player, total shots on target by a team, or total shots in a game. These statistics are collected from official sources, such as football associations, leagues, or independent data providers.

It's important to note that the precise rules and definitions may vary between bookmakers and betting providers, so it's essential to check the specific terms and conditions of the betting market you're interested in. Bookmakers usually provide clear guidelines on how they calculate shots on target for betting purposes, and these rules should be followed when placing bets.

What Do Football Punters Look for With This Type of Bet?

Shots-on-target betting is exciting and gives punters a new betting experience and can also maximize betting profit but it can be daunting as even the top goal scorers find it hard to hit the target in 90 minutes.

There are several ways punters take to bet on shots on target; Some bet on total shot on target by the team, and experienced punters bet on individual player shot on target.

With player and team stats available, punters look for players who score regularly or are in excellent form in front of goal and overall team goals to make the needed bet decision. Opposition team stats are also considered in shots-on-target betting, it’s quite easy to bet against a team that concedes a lot of goals or has a weaker defense line.

Punters look for this type of bet because it seems easy to win if properly analyzed and also because they can win a shot-on-target bet regardless of the outcome of the match.

Shots on target is also made available in live-bet or in-play tips by various bookmaker making It easy for punters to play bets as the match is in play.


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